Many of you have heard rumors, and now we can confirm it is true! 427 Garage is now an official Superformance and Shelby Legendary Cars supplier!

Effective immediately you can buy any Superformance or Shelby continuation vehicle directly from 427 Garage. We maintain an inventory of cars in our showroom which you may also see on our website. We also have full access to the factory inventory and can place custom orders. While the most well-known model is the Cobra Mark III, don't forget you can also get an FIA Cobra, Slabside Cobra, GT40, Cobra Daytona Coupe and even the Corvette Grand Sport.

We provide both Shelby continuation cars and Superformance variants. Some models such as the GT40 are such accurate reproductions that most of the parts are interchangeable with the original GT40, and the continuation cars are eligible for sanctioned historic racing including the Le Mans Classic.

What if you want to custom color? What if you want Ferrari leather in your interior? No problem! We can provide any color you can imagine and custom-tailored interiors to your liking.

Speaking of options and custom choices thanks to our friends at Prestige Motorsports you can choose from a very wide variety of classic and modern engines & transmissions for your car. So regardless of whether you want a 427 side oiler with a top loader, a modern stroker engine with a 5-speed or a supercharged Coyote V8 with a 6-speed we have you covered.

Do you still have questions? Give us a call! 615-588-1212