Antique Car Repair Center –Get that classic out of the garage and on the road!

We have a 15,000 sq /ft workshop where we specialize in American and European cars from the 1920’s thru the 1980’s.  We are a full service garage covering everything from carb rebuilds, brakes, electrical, air conditioning and tune ups to complete mechanical rehab for cars that have been sitting for years.

We can even come to your location and give you a repair estimate.


Wake-up calls and turndown service

You usually don't think of a wake-up call or turndown service for a vehicle, but both are great services. When the weather turns nice and it's time to get your vehicle out and on the road 427 Garage can give your car a complete road readiness inspection and take care of any needs she has to be ready for another season of fun.

When it's time to put away your toy for the Winter don't forget to bring her to 427 Garage first. We will check your antifreeze and flush and refill if needed, test your battery, inspect all sysems for leaks or any other issues that would cause problems during storage or keep her from being ready to enjoy the sunshine when Springtime rolls around.


Don't let an electrical problem ground your classic car. 427 Garage can get your wipers wiping, your lights lighting and your ignition firing.

Whether you have one small problem or need an entire vehicle rewired we can take care of you.


Your brakes should stop your car not your fun. We can handle everything from a routine brake inspection and service to a complete overhaul or upgrade of your braking system.

Whether it is a leaking wheel cylinder in a 60 year old drum brake or you're wanting to install modern 4 or 6-piston disc brakes we are the guys for the job.



Classic car engines have a personality all of their own, and most mechanics (aka technicians) these days have no idea how to make them run like they are supposed to. At 427 Garage we still practice the ancient arts of rebuilding and tuning carburetors and setting the dwell on your distributor. We know these old engines inside and out, so we can also refresh, rebuild or replace the engine in your vintage vehicle.

If you like the looks of a classic car but want the performance and convenience of a more modern engine we can do that too. We and provide complete crate engines for Ford, GM and Mopar. In addition to engine swaps we can also provide and install fuel injection systems and modern overdrive transmissions both manuals and automatics.


We are no stranger to classic transmissions or to conversions to a modern automatic or modern 5 or 6 speed manual transmission. Whether you want a modern overdrive automatic or 6-speed manual or you simply want your old 3 or 4 speed to function like it should  we will be happy to take care of you and your transmission.


Electric Power Steering Systems

Do you love spending time in your classic car but find the steering is more of a workout than fun especially at parking speeds? We have just what you need! We can provide and install a complete electric power steering system. Simply put this is an electrically powered steering column. There is no power steering pump, no fluid, no lines, belts or anything that takes power from your engine. This might sound a bit foreign, but it has veen commonplace on modern cars for the better part of a decade. The end result is a seamlessly smooth steering assist which draws very little electrical power and allows you to choose the amount of assist you have. It has no squeaks, no leaks, no slips and no drips. It is far superior to a classic hydraulic system and much more precise. We offer these and both vehicles specific kits and custom installations.

Air Conditioning

If you don't have a functioning air conditioning system in your classic car you know that's just not cool.

The 427 Garage Service Center is ready to handle everything from recharging your existing system to installing a vintage air conditioning system made specifically for your car.

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