1978 Ford LTD Landau One Owner, fantastic condition!

Ride in classic 70's style with the last of the full size Fords. This pampered lady was bought from the family of the original owner. She has been loved and pampered since new. This grand lady is plush with a capital "P". We have the original window sticker, the original drive out tag, the books and records and even the original handwritten sales order.

The original owner wanted to make sure he took care of his prize LTD, so when the car was new he had red velour covers made to completely cover all the interior carpet and those covers are still in place! The rest of the interior is like new also. Even the dash pad is smooth and soft.

The window stickers shows over $2,100 in options which was more than 1/2 the cost of a new Mustang in 1978!

The body is in excellent condition with no signs of any previous paint repair or body work. The original black paint is still shiny and healthy. There are a few little parking lot dings and stone chips in the paint on the front end. but no rust in the intire

The car is mechanically excellent. The 351 crank's right up. The transmission shifts smoothly. It runs, drives and rides like it did in 1978 which is to say smooth and luxurious.

Everyone and their cousin has a Mustang or a Camaro but how many 1978 Ford LTD Landau editions do you see at the car show? For 1978 bell bottoms were on their way out and Cheryl Ladd was in. By this LTD and relive the Disco days in retro style.

All pictures of this car can be found on www.vintageplanet.com

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351 V8
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LTD Landau


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