1972 Pantera with only 10800mls! Stunning condition!

This 1972 Pantera is the desirable early model with the small chrome bumpers and is an exceptional car. It is everything you could hope for in a well-maintained 10,000 original mile car.

Classic Italian exotics are always popular and desirable cars, but they are rarely easy to live with and can be very expensive to maintain with their complex and sometimes fragile Italian engines. This is why the Pantera is so popular now. You have the late 60's Italian styling, the advantages of a mid-engine design, the efficiency of a ZF 5 speed transmission and the durability, power and low cost maintenance of the famous Ford 351 Cleveland. Don't forget that even in completely stock trim the Pantera is within 16 horsepower of the half million-dollar Ferrari Daytona, and adding HP to 351C is cheap!

Usually when describing a car I walk you through it system by system, front to back, inside and out to make sure I've painted an accurate picture of the condition, but this car is so nice that would be a waste of time. Simply put everything on this car is in excellent condition!

In addition to being in exceptional mechanical and cosmetic condition this Pantera also has a library of documentation going back to when it was new. Many cars come with a folder of papers, but this one has a 4 inch thick 3-ring binder. It would be hard to imagine a better documented Pantera.

It has lived the perfect car life. It has been kept in a spotless, climate-controlled garage by a devoted owner who regularly took her for drives in perfect weather. Its owner enjoys his showing his cars, but he also wants them to look run and drive as they did when they were new. To that end the car has been very well maintained mechanically as well as cosmetically. She is a well-sorted and well-maintained thoroughbred. Not only is the car in exceptionally nice condition it is also spotless inside and out, top to bottom, front to back. The owner is that kind of guy.

The few non-factory items on the car are there to make it a better car. It has a high-quality, aluminum radiator with twin electric fans and shroud. It is also equipped with 17" billet alloy replicas of the original wheels clad in modern low profile Pirelli tires. The freshly refurbished factory Campagnolo alloy wheels are included.

You know you want a Pantera. If you want an exceptional example don't waste your time looking at other cars. Come see this one. There are cheaper ones available, but they will not compare to this car.

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Engine Type
Engine Size
351 Cleveland V8
Fuel Specification


Body Color
Grabber blue
Body Style
Paint Type


De Tomaso


Interior Color
Secondary Interior Color
Seating Type
Seat Material
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Center Console


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